la dimension mécanique,
technological perfection through high-precision mechanics

LDM has been designing and manufacturing all types of mechanical parts for almost 50 years, with a know-how and quality that have made it one of the leading players in high-precision mechanics.

Lanquest Di Manno was founded in 1960. In 2005, the company changed its name to LDM. In 2008, LDM was taken over by Christophe DION and became LDM - La Dimension Mécanique.

Positioned as a specialist in the production of critical or vital parts with tolerances of just a few microns, we acquired means of design and production in the forefront of technology. Equipped with leading-edge design and production systems, our engineers use the most innovative computerised tools for programming and industrial production to meet even the most stringent demands in the aeronautical, aerospace, energy, transport, automotive, sports (rallies, Formula 1, etc.) and medical sectors.

We meet our customers’ demands for quality and precision by machining both the most common and the most exotic materials (titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, Invar, Kovar, copper, tungsten, bronze, brass, composites, etc.), and we can manufacture your products from end to end, from the sourcing of materials and castings, to the delivery of the treated parts.

Our main objective is to maintain our strong position in the production and machining of small and medium-sized (up to 600mm3) critical parts, mainly for the aviation and aerospace industries, while acquiring the means to grow on international markets and outside the European Union

This is the reason why we plan to move to our new “factory of the future” in 2017, which will enable us to modernise our production tools and to make greater use of digital technology, in a drive to move our products up the range and to introduce more product personalisation.

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